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    來源:http://www.shleyiapp.com/ 日期:2023-11-07

    01 Lifting part
    The lifting part adopts the scheme of a curved arm ladder, which is remotely controlled and adopts a tail mounted turntable structure. Water cannon and other equipment are integrated at the top of the ladder frame.
    The cloud ladder adopts a structural form of three main ladders and one straight curved arm ladder. The ladder adopts a synchronous expansion and contraction method of oil cylinder and steel wire rope, with a large working height of 14.6 meters and a large working range of 6 meters. The design of the straight curved arm ladder ladder allows the vehicle to have multi-directional working angles like traditional high-pressure spray vehicles, on the one hand, and on the other hand, it can perform multi angle rescue in special environments.
    Due to the fact that the rotating shaft of the ladder is located at the rear of the vehicle, it shares a set of support legs with the rescue arm, and the front is supported by wheel grounding. This design not only achieves lower cost, but also ensures reliability, while reducing the weight of the entire vehicle, ensuring that more fire extinguishing agents or rescue equipment can be loaded, and also ensuring that the vehicle has a sufficiently compact size.
    The ladder adopts a remote control operation method, and the turntable is equipped with a manual emergency valve, with a remote control distance of 150 meters. The remote control has rich functions, including the control of the ladder, the control of the water cannon at the top of the boom, the switching of the water cannon shooting mode, the monitoring of the ladder's working condition, and the monitoring of the pressure and speed of the fire pump.
    To ensure the convenience of personnel getting up and down, the ladder frame size has been widened. The width of the curved arm ladder frame is 480mm, and the inner width of the main ladder frame is 700mm. There are anti slip stickers attached to the pedals to avoid the risk of personnel slipping up and down. In the regular rescue process, this ladder can serve as a 15 meter high fire rescue ladder, which can evacuate people from buildings with a height of about 5 floors. The front curved arm can serve as a platform connected to the building window and has a yellow indicator area. At the same time, the front section of the curved arm also has the function of building a wall, which can improve rescue efficiency when working for a long time.
    In order to avoid the danger of nighttime evacuation, LED light strips have been added inside the ladder, greatly improving the safety of nighttime evacuation.
    The fire monitor under the ladder has a high flow rate of 64 liters per second, a pure water range of 75 meters, and a foam mixture of 70 meters. The fire monitor is electrically controlled, with a horizontal rotation angle of 0 to 270 ° and a pitch angle of -20 to+70 °. The fire monitor can be adjusted to DC or flowering mode.
    The end of the curved boom has rich functions. It is equipped with a needle spray system, which can carry out some puncture operations, such as glass, color steel tiles, and spray curtains into the interior. The end is integrated with a water outlet, which allows the ladder to rise to the window in case of a high-rise fire. Firefighters can directly connect the water hose to provide water. Two high-power IED lights are integrated on both sides of the front end of the curved arm ladder, which can also serve as lighting vehicles in special circumstances.
    02 Fire extinguishing section
    The vehicle is equipped with water tank, foam tank, fire pump and foam proportioner, which can put out various types of fires.
    The structure adopts a central fire pump, with the fire pump control panel and inlet and outlet ports located on both sides of the vehicle. The fire pump uses a 100 liter per second atmospheric pressure fire pump, with a working flow rate of 80 liters per second when the boom is deployed. With the electronic foam mixing proportioner, the mixing ratio can be controlled at 1-10%.
    The central equipment box is equipped with a dedicated water hose groove and nylon straps, with a simple structure and firm binding. It is equipped with a 3400 liter water tank and a 600 liter foam tank, with a total liquid carrying capacity of 4000 liters. The tank body is made of polymer composite materials, which is characterized by high strength, strong impact resistance, low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and light weight.
    A DN150 water inlet, a DN80 tank water inlet, and two DN80 water outlets are installed on both sides.
    整車控制系統采用先進的CANBUS 2.0總線控制技術,配有泵室操作控制面板及手持無線操作終端,可以實現一鍵出水、穩流穩壓、泡沫比例自動調節等功能。
    The whole vehicle control system adopts advanced CANBUS 2.0 bus control technology, and is equipped with pump room operation control panel and handheld wireless operation terminal, which can realize the functions of one key water outlet, current stabilization and pressure stabilization, foam proportion automatic adjustment, etc.
    03 Emergency rescue part
    The equipment compartment of the entire vehicle adopts high-strength aluminum alloy profiles, with a welded structure of an all aluminum alloy frame as the skeleton and aluminum alloy plate bonding technology as the outer skin. The style and structure of the equipment box can be customized according to customer needs, further improving the flexibility and utilization of the equipment compartment. In addition, a hidden foot pedal is installed below the equipment compartment, and the surface of the foot pedal is all treated with anti slip treatment and has a spring locking function.
    The default layout of the equipment compartments on the left and right sides is basically the same. Due to the configuration of water pumps and hoses, the front and middle equipment compartments are mainly used to accommodate water hoses, water collectors, water distributors, adapters, water guns, and hydraulic shear expansion equipment with a long shape. Each equipment has its own bracket to prevent displacement and damage to the equipment compartment when the vehicle is traveling at high speed, and on the other hand, it is also easy to access.
    The equipment compartment near the rear of the car adopts a continuous structure, which can accommodate large emergency rescue equipment in daily situations. The equipment shown in the figure includes a hydraulic jack, a hydraulic manual pump, and two sets of hydraulic universal shears. The lower equipment compartment adopts a sliding bracket for easy access and placement of equipment. A generator with a rated power of 10kW is placed on the left bracket.
    在車尾安裝了帕爾菲格的PK 12000折臂吊。該款吊臂是目前搶險救援車上出現的比較高端的產品,保有量十分之高,具有操作簡單,可靠性好的特點。
    The PK 12000 folding arm crane of Palfiger is installed at the rear of the car. This crane arm is a relatively high-end product currently appearing on emergency rescue vehicles, with a high inventory and the characteristics of simple operation and good reliability.
    The large lifting weight of the lifting arm is 6.68 tons, with a height of up to 10.5 meters and a large working range of 7.97 meters. The lifting weight at a large range is 1.12 tons. Daily use for lifting heavy emergency rescue equipment, as well as lifting vehicles and construction waste.
    Located on the front bumper of the vehicle is a set of electric winches, which are protected by a box installed outside. The winch adopts products from American Champion Company, with a large traction force of up to 70kN and a large traction length of up to 38 meters. It also has overload protection and automatic cable arrangement functions.
    In the current context of the development of one vehicle for multiple purposes, the Sichuan Xiaoxiao 15 meter multifunctional ladder fire truck has multiple functions such as lifting, extinguishing fire, and emergency rescue. The rescue site can serve as the main vehicle for rescue or cooperate with the main battle vehicle to maximize rescue efficiency.

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