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    The wheeled pressure storage ABC dry powder fire extinguisher is equipped with ammonium phosphate dry powder fire extinguishing agent and nitrogen inside, which is easy to move and operate. It is suitable for extinguishing initial fires of combustible solids, liquids, gases, and live equipment.
    Shou'an Fire Protection: Safety Instructions for Household Electricity
    Wheeled dry powder fire extinguishers are available in 35KG and 50KG sizes. Wheeled fire extinguishers are mainly used in flammable and explosive places such as gas stations, warehouses, factories, ships, and distribution rooms, with a focus on fire prevention. However, in places where there are carts, they should also be used in conjunction with portable ones.
    使用方法:(宜兩人配合) 1. 先將滅火器迅速推拉到火場,在距離著火點10米左右處停下。
    Usage: (It is recommended to cooperate with two people) 1 First, quickly push and pull the fire extinguisher to the fire site, and stop at a distance of about 10 meters from the ignition point.
    After a person releases the spray hose, hold the spray gun tightly with both hands and aim it at the burning area.
    For the other, first rotate the hand wheel counterclockwise to lift the screw rod to a high position to fully open the bottle cap, then dump the cylinder backward to make the pull rod touch the ground, and rotate the valve handle 90 degrees to spray foam to extinguish the fire.
    If the valve is installed at the spray gun, the person responsible for operating the spray gun should open the valve.
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